Quality & Responsibility

Our ESG-Policy

Talking about sustainability and responsibility is easy. To actually do it is a challenge we must accept each day. The sustainability of our activity is visible in our daily work, our products and our persistent development efforts. In a globalized world of constant change, we as innovation leaders think it is important to act sustainably and in with a view to the future. It is our duty to set standards which the following generations can build upon – in regard to environment aspects as well as the ability to finance our future.

Our Statement on Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Management System

For the purposes of planning and monitoring all quality and environment-relevant activities, a

  • Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008
  • Environment Management System in compliance with ISO 14 001:2004, and a
  • Health & Safety Management system in compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007 (according also to SA8000)

have been implemented and are practiced throughout our entire company.

The documentation which consists of the handbook and all other documents, e.g. process instructions, cited therein, is binding for all employees in the company.

Quality, environment and personnel appointees are tasked with ensuring compliance with the quality, environment and health and safety management systems. They must report regularly on the effectiveness of these systems and any necessary changes (e.g. by conducting internal audits) as well as promoting consciousness for the fulfillment of all quality, environment and personnel-relevant requirements throughout the company.

These measures ensure that our quality, environment and ethical policies are implemented on a daily basis, while also serving as mandatory guidelines for quality-minded, customer-oriented, environment-conscious and responsible action for all our employees.

The environmental program (current year of validity: 2015, based on the respective previous yearís environmental report) and the 2014 environmental report are available for viewing.